About Scott: An Experienced New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer

Your freedom and rights are too important to entrust to a complacent or inexperienced attorney. Scott A. Gorman possesses the experience, the academic and professional credentials, and the drive to ensure that you obtain the best possible outcome whether he represents you in connection with a DWI/DUI, drug offense, violent crime, sex crime, domestic violence charge, DYFS matter, juvenile offense or any other criminal charge.

Scott has represented hundreds of clients in municipal, superior, appellate, and federal courts throughout New Jersey. As a dedicated Middlesex County criminal lawyer, Scott Makes it clear from the outset that he is willing to work tirelessly, raise creative and effective arguments, and take your case to trial so as to give you or your loved the best chance of avoiding a damaging conviction. His willingness to try cases and take a no-holds-barred approach to your representation ensures that you will receive the best possible outcome because prosecutors and adversaries alike understand that the most effective criminal defense attorney is the one who knows his client as well as he knows the law and is not afraid to go to trial.

Just as no two people or fingerprints are the same, no two clients or sets of circumstances are identical. No one understands that better than Scott, who develops his strategy only after taking the time to understand your individual circumstances, needs, and expectations. He makes certain that you understand the legal issues, economic realities, repercussions, and possible alternatives available to you. It is this individualized approach to his practice and his willingness to go the distance that has resulted in the successful outcomes that he has achieved for his clients and it is why his clients feel so fortunate to have had such an impassioned Bergen County criminal lawyer as Scott on their side.

"...From the moment we first spoke I knew that he was going to

fight my case with everything he had..."

- Robert B.
"...I ended up getting the deal I wanted... As an attorney I think

he goes above and beyond his duties...”

- Laurie B.
"...He was there if I had a question and took care of everything from A-Z

exactly the way that he promised

me when I first met him. I am super happy with his service..."
- Lily V.
"...Throughout my case Scott was

professional, dedicated, and easily accessible..."

- Lynn C.