A Bergen County drug attorney can minimize the significant penalties that come with a drug crime conviction.

Attorney Scott Gorman will use his dedication, knowledge, and talent to minimize or eliminate those penalties altogether. Scott has helped hundreds of people who were charged with drug possession and related crimes in New Jersey to obtain favorable outcomes.

Scott Gorman Understands Drug Charges in New Jersey

Scott will carefully review your case to determine which defenses would be the most effective. For example, both the federal and New Jersey constitutions protect citizens against unreasonable searches and seizures. If the police violated your guarantee against unreasonable searches and seizures, the evidence obtained as a result of the unlawful search or seizure will likely be suppressed, meaning that the State will not be able to use that evidence at trial. In many instances, suppression of evidence will result in an acquittal, because without the evidence, the State will be unable to prove a defendant’s guilt.

In some cases, the State may be unable to prove that the defendant possessed the drugs at issue. In many instances, the State will seek to prove that a defendant possessed drugs even though the defendant did not have physical control over the drugs at issue. A defendant can be found guilty of possession of drugs if that person is found to have had constructive possession of drugs, meaning that the defendant was aware of the presence of the drugs and had both the intent and the ability to exercise physical control or dominion over the object at some time. If the State seeks to prove that a defendant constructively possessed drugs, a skilled attorney may be able to raise reasonable doubt as to whether the defendant was able to exercise control over the drugs.

In other situations, a Bergen County lawyer may be able to prevent the State from establishing that the defendant was aware of the possession of a drug. For example, the Supreme Court of New Jersey has held that even if a defendant is aware that he is in possession of contraband, if the defendant is not shown to have known that he possessed drugs, the defendant cannot properly be convicted of possession of a controlled dangerous substance. Scott Gorman will review the evidence of your case and he will use his training and experience to assess the weaknesses of the State’s case and devise an effective defense strategy.

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