“If you have been arrested for drunk driving in Bergen County, you need a lawyer.” If you are here, you have probably heard this countless times already. But, what type of lawyer do you need? Do you need a lawyer who focuses his or her practice on driving while intoxicated (DWI) defense? Or do all attorneys possess the same ability to defend you at trial?

Choosing the Right Attorney for Your DWI Case

Like doctors, attorneys typically focus their work in different areas of practice. Some doctors perform heart surgery, others practice children’s medicine. Some lawyers handle divorces, and some represent individuals who have been charged with drunk driving.

Then, of course, there are lawyers who are general practitioners. These lawyers have the ability to help their clients with a wide variety of legal issues, but they tend to lack the in-depth knowledge and experience of attorneys who focus in one particular area. So what kind of lawyer do you want when your freedom and future are on the line?

Hopefully, the answer is clear. You would not expect a pediatrician to be able to perform heart surgery; so why would you expect a non-DWI lawyer to be able to competently represent you in your DWI? If you are facing a DWI charge in Bergen County, New Jersey, you need the right representation, and this means that you need a DWI attorney.

Considerations for Choosing a Bergen County DWI Attorney

Hiring an experienced Bergen County DWI attorney will give you the best chance to secure a favorable outcome in your case and minimize the consequences of your drunk driving arrest. How do you find an attorney who has the experience needed to handle your case?

  • Years of Experience – Generally speaking, the more years an attorney has been practicing law, the more relevant experience he or she will have. When choosing your representation, do your research to find out how long your attorney has been practicing.
  • Focus on Criminal Defense – Many DWI defense lawyers come to private practice after serving as state or federal prosecutors. While serving as a government attorney certainly has its benefits, don’t you want someone who has devoted his or her career to criminal defense?
  • Client Reviews – One of the best ways to learn about an attorney is to read his or her client reviews. Former clients typically offer straightforward advice when it comes to recommending (or not recommending) their attorneys.
  • Proven Trial Record – What is your record of success at trial? While trial outcomes can never be guaranteed, a criminal defense attorney who consistently secures favorable results is likely to be the best choice for your legal representation.
  • Free Initial Consultation – Don’t you feel that you deserve to ask some questions before you start paying legal fees? While some DWI attorneys charge for initial consultations, at The Gorman Law Firm, we believe in giving our clients the information they need to make informed decisions about their legal representation.

Schedule Your Free Initial Consultation

If you would like to schedule a free initial consultation with Bergen County DWI attorney Scott Gorman, we encourage you to get in touch. You can call our Bergen County law offices at (201) 489-9199, or send us a message online 24/7 and we will respond as soon as possible.

"...I can honestly say that Scott

made me feel as though I was his only client..."

- Kristin B.
"...I am very pleased to say

the Judge dismissed my case

based on one of the motions filed by Scott..."
- Melissa W.
"...Scott’s best quality was being able to explain

exactly what motions were filed and what the prosecutor would do next..."

- Ingrid N.
"...was  being charged with a DWI, but overcame the situation with his help...

He goes above and beyond for his clients..."

- Karla R.
"...Scott treats his clients

as if they were his own family

and I would highly recommend him to others."
- Anita S.
"...Throughout the process you did not treat me like a client,

but a family member in trouble..."

- Carlos M.