"I was arrested for a DWI and terrified of losing my license for up to a year. My husband’s lawyer recommended I retain Scott Gorman and I knew he was the right choice for me. Scott was intelligent, insightful, reliable, sharp, and treated me with respect. He was always available and prepared to answer any questions or concerns I may have had. His perseverance and exceptional attention to detail led to a very positive outcome. Scott treats his clients as if they were his own family and I would highly recommend him to others."  

Anita S.

“I recently used Scott for one of my cases and I must say he is an amazing and very professional lawyer that gets the job done. He stays on top of your case and always keeps in contact with you. I would recommend Scott to any of my friends or family if they needed a great lawyer.”

Douglas F.

“In late December 2010 I was arrested and charged with DWI and speeding. One of my close friends suggested I call Scott Gorman. After my first phone call with Scott I immediately felt calm and a little comforted. I was leaving for India shortly for a business trip and Scott was going to have to handle the case without my presence. I trusted Scott to execute his job as my lawyer. Scott’s best quality was being able to explain exactly what motions were filed and what the prosecutor would do next...My ability to read legal documents is extremely limited but Scott would explain everything in layman’s terms, truly giving me a feeling of relief. I am quite sure that Scott had a multitude of cases but always found time to discuss my case even with me out of the country. My day in court finally arrived and I was nervous but Scott’s performance thus far was impeccable and it put my mind at ease. I was given a plea deal that included the dismissal of the charge of DWI. Thanks Scott!”

Ingrid N.

“I just wanted to say THANKS AGAIN for all your assistance during my final restraining order appeal and hearing. Since my case involved a restraining order, I was truly terrified of what the end result could be, however, every time we corresponded (whether it was email or phone) you knew exactly what was going on, and how to guide me, which made me realize that I definitely picked the right person to handle my case. Your professionalism, courtesy, and kindness, made me feel very comfortable and confident working with you. The outcome of my case came out exactly as I wanted…as a winner!! In addition, even though you handled my case a couple of years ago, I recently had to touch base with you to ask you some general information. True to form, you were there, ready, willing and able to assist me. Not only that, but as soon as I called you, you remembered exactly who I was and what my case was about. You are a true asset to anyone in need and I would recommend you highly to anyone that needs to hire an attorney.”

Carolyn D.

“Scott treated me with respect, and was always available for any of my many questions. I was ticketed for a DWI violation and was extremely stressed. I sat down with Scott and he walked me thru the process and what to expect during the course of our defense. He approached the case with a firm understanding of my case and immediately began asking for what information that the police had and quickly developed a strategy to defend my position. We had 5 court dates and Scott was by my side for each one, and he made several motions in an attempt to resolve my case in my favor. He called me numerous times to keep me informed. I am very pleased to say the Judge dismissed my case based on one of the motions filed by Scott, which was for lack of probable cause. Even if the case went against me my review would not have changed one bit. Thank you Scott for everything !!!”

Melissa W.

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