Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you probably are concerned about how your case will impact your life. You might be worried about how a criminal record could impact your job or your ability to find work in the future. Of course, a term of imprisonment would cause a substantial disruption of your life and would be an emotional and financial hardship for your family.

The time to defend yourself is right now

At the beginning of 2017, New Jersey’s process for handling criminal charges underwent radical changes and, as a result, the best chance for a favorable outcome may come in the earliest stages of your case. Whereas in the past, months would go by before your attorney and the prosecutor assigned to your case would meet in court to discuss a possible resolution, today, criminal defendants appear before judges much sooner, and prosecutors provide police reports and other evidence to defendants much quicker.  This is all part of a process that is intended to resolve criminal cases more swiftly.

Another aspect of this push to resolve cases more rapidly is a renewed emphasis on escalating plea offers. In other words, prosecutors are instructed to give their most favorable offers in the beginning to encourage defendants who are inclined to admit guilt to do so early on. That makes having the right attorney right from the start of paramount importance.

What your attorney can do for you

It is critical that you and your attorney begin the preparation for effectively representing you as soon as possible. For one thing, your attorney needs to understand you – your positive qualities, your accomplishments, your aspirations, and your concerns. The prosecutor may only know negative things about you like what criminal acts you are accused of committing. It is important that the prosecutor also learn, as soon as possible, a more complete picture of who you are.

Your attorney needs to know what arguments will likely be raised in your defense. Perhaps you only had a limited role in the crime or perhaps you had no role in it at all. There may be factors that would mitigate against a more harsh punishment, such as if you are a younger defendant who was influenced by more mature individuals. There are times when treatment may be more appropriate than punishment, as in situations when addressing an addiction may be the most effective way to reduce the likelihood of future criminal conduct. Whatever the particular facts of your case, the importance of educating your attorney right from the start cannot be overstated.

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If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime, don’t delay in calling Scott Gorman at The Gorman Law Firm. The initial court appearances could be the most important and you will need to talk to your lawyer about who you are and the facts of your case to give yourself the best chances at reducing the burden on your life, your liberty, and your family.

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