Hudson County Juvenile Defense Attorney Scott Gorman’s extensive history in working with adolescents makes him uniquely qualified to advocate on behalf of your child.

Before making the decision to become a lawyer, Scott began working with young people who were struggling with significant emotional and behavioral problems while working at a residential facility for at-risk youth in Mount Holly, New Jersey. During his time there, Scott developed relationships with hundreds of children, most of whom had already become involved with the juvenile justice system. Scott’s passion to help children of all ages, led him to accept a position as a case manager with a not-for-profit agency in Philadelphia. While serving as a case manager, Scott assisted the families of children who were socially or emotionally troubled by coordinating services with local service providers, such as therapists, school personnel, and other mental health professionals. In addition, while attending Cornell University, Scott worked as an after-school counselor at two public elementary schools in Ithaca, New York. In his hometown of Roselle, New Jersey, he volunteered as a referee and a coach for local youth basketball and baseball leagues.

Hudson County Juvenile Defense Attorney Scott Gorman understands the extreme pressure that a parent endures when a child has been charged with a juvenile offense. Fortunately, most young people who are accused of having committed a criminal offense are processed through a system that reflects a preference for rehabilitation rather than punishment. There are, however, some occasions where a juvenile charge can result in serious consequences. As in most states, juveniles in New Jersey tend to be processed in a manner that is more informal and less adversarial than the process for adults who have been accused of engaging in similar conduct. Typically, if juveniles are found to have committed offenses that would have resulted in criminal convictions for adults, they are adjudicated as a delinquent. Although an adjudication of delinquency is not a criminal conviction, serious consequences can result from such an adjudication, such as placement at a juvenile detention center or other conditions such as fines, probation, and participation in certain treatment programs. In addition to this, some juveniles, particularly those that have been in trouble in the past, may have their matters transferred to a criminal court where they will be processed as adults and will be exposed to the same penalties as adult defendants.

Juveniles receive most of the same constitutional protections as adult defendants. For example, juveniles are entitled to the right to be placed on notice of the charges against them, the right to confront and cross-examine witnesses, the right to be represented by legal counsel, and the right against self-incrimination. However, in family court, juveniles are not entitled to the right to an indictment, the right to a jury trial, or the right to bail.

If your loved one has been charged as a juvenile, call Hudson County Juvenile Defense Attorney Scott Gorman today. Scott has helped dozens of juveniles to avoid the serious consequences that can result from an adjudication of delinquency. As your child’s attorney, he will take the time to understand your child and he will work with your family to identify your child’s unique needs. He will use that information to portray your child in a positive light to seek a positive resolution that will reflect support for the child while minimizing the long-term negative consequences. Scott’s compassion, skill, and diligence enables him to most effectively represent your loved one who has been charged with a juvenile offense.

"...he was nothing less than

professional, courteous, and articulate

throughout the entire process."
- Lenore K.
"...Scott treats his clients

as if they were his own family

and I would highly recommend him to others."
- Anita S.
"...Throughout the process you did not treat me like a client,

but a family member in trouble..."

- Carlos M.