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Facing a DUI charge in Passaic County is a serious matter. You are facing steep financial penalties and potential jail time. If you are convicted, you will be forced to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle and your license may be suspended. You could also be sentenced to community service. Your auto insurance rates will go up dramatically, and you could face various other practical consequences as well. In short, you have a lot at stake, and you need an experienced Passaic County DUI attorney on your side.

A Proven Passaic County DUI Attorney

Passaic County DUI attorney Scott Gorman has been handling DUI cases in Passaic County and all of New Jersey for more than a decade. Here is what you can expect when you hire Scott for your DUI case:

1. Skilled Representation Backed by More Than a Decade of Experience

Scott Gorman has handled hundreds of DUI and criminal cases throughout New Jersey. As a result of this experience, he is deeply knowledgeable about the complex issues involved in DUI cases, and he is intimately familiar with the inner workings of the Passaic County municipal courts.

2. Personal Legal Advice Focused on Your Long-Term Best Interests

During your case, Scott will advise you of the specific penalties you are facing, and he will make sure you have a clear understanding of the long-term consequences of having a DUI conviction on your record in New Jersey. He will advise you of the steps you need to take and the mistakes you need to avoid, and he will help you explore your options for mitigating the consequences of your DUI arrest.

3. A Comprehensive Defense Strategy Focused on the Facts of Your Case

There are many potential defenses to DUI charges in Passaic County, and asserting a successful defense requires you to have a clear understanding of how the law applies to the facts of your case. Scott Gorman will dig deep into the facts of your case in order to identify all of the defenses you have available.

4. An Unwavering Commitment to Securing a Quick and Favorable Result

As your Passaic County defense attorney, Scott Gorman will work diligently to secure a quick and favorable result. Scott is passionate about fighting for his clients and will do what it takes to protect you.

5. Direct Access and an Open Invitation to Discuss Your Case

As a client of The Gorman Law Firm, you will have direct access to Scott throughout your DUI case. You can call, text or email whenever you have questions, and if Scott is not available immediately, he will respond as soon as possible.

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