If you are seeking a restraining order or if you have had a temporary restraining order issued against you, the time to speak with a Morris County domestic violence attorney is now.

Whether you have applied for a domestic violence restraining order or a temporary restraining order has been issued against you, the process for dealing with allegations of domestic violence can be the source of a tremendous amount of anxiety. Under New Jersey state law, when police are called to the scene of a domestic violence incident, the officers are frequently obligated to make an arrest or sign a criminal complaint even if nobody claims to be the victim of domestic violence. When a party files an application for a final restraining order, a hearing will be scheduled immediately, and that hearing will likely take place within days rather than weeks or months.

Has Someone Filed a Restraining Order Against You?

Scott Gorman is an experienced domestic violence lawyer in Morris County. Scott knows that many people are unaware of the fact that restraining orders do much more than simply prevent the defendant from communicating with the alleged victim. Those who have had final restraining orders issued against them have their names included in the Central Registry for Domestic Violence. Also, final restraining orders can cause problems in your professional life and can present significant problems in custody disputes. A final restraining order can render you ineligible to obtain a firearms purchaser card and can result in the forfeiture of your firearms. Even if you successfully defend against an application for a final restraining order, a judge could still order you to forfeit your weapons.

If you violate any provision of a domestic violence restraining order, you can face a criminal charge of contempt, and if you are convicted again of violating a restraining order, you will be sentenced to at least thirty days in jail.

You May Be Facing Severe Consequences

A domestic violence restraining order frequently results in more severe consequences than those that flow from a criminal or quasi-criminal conviction in connection with the related act of domestic violence even though plaintiffs need only carry their burden by a preponderance of the evidence to obtain a domestic violence restraining order. Even when victims establish that defendants committed one or more acts of domestic violence, a restraining order will only issue when a judge is satisfied that the order is necessary to protect the victim from further abuse. Whereas a defendant in a criminal trial can only be convicted when guilt is proven beyond a reasonable doubt, a different standard applies at restraining order hearings and a final restraining order can sometimes issue even when reasonable doubt exists as to whether an act of domestic violence occurred.

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Your domestic violence case is far too important to leave your fate in the hands of an inexperienced attorney. Domestic violence attorney Scott Gorman understands the significance of your case and his approach to representing his clients reflects this understanding. If you are scheduled to appear at a hearing to determine whether a final restraining order will issue, call Scott Gorman without delay so he can begin the process of understanding your unique situation to effectively represent you.

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