Scott Gorman proudly serves clients throughout New Jersey, including Passaic County.

In New Jersey, the most serious criminal cases are heard by the Criminal Part of the Law Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey. In Passaic County, such cases are heard at the Passaic County Courthouse, which is located at 77 Hamilton Street in Paterson.

Less serious matters such as alleged disorderly persons offenses and violations of New Jersey’s motor vehicle statutes or municipal ordinances are generally prosecuted in Passaic County’s municipal courts.

To learn more about how Scott can give you the best opportunity to obtain a favorable outcome for your Passaic County case, please select an area of practice and contact us to schedule a free consultation.

When you are charged with a crime, so much more than just your freedom is on the line.

The most critical step to relieving the stress associated with a recent arrest is to retain an experienced and aggressive Passaic County Criminal Defense Lawyer as soon as possible. The conclusion of your criminal matter is likely to have a significant impact on your family, your job, and your reputation. With so much at stake and so much uncertainty, it is only natural to feel nervous and unsettled.

For Scott, the first step to effectively advocating on your behalf is getting to know you and your situation. This information is critical to Scott’s ability to both understand your particular needs and cast you in a positive light to the prosecutor and judge, which enables him to effectively negotiate and advocate on your behalf. Scott knows that good people sometimes find themselves accused of having committed criminal acts, and that for these people, the stakes are particularly high because of the consequences that a conviction would have on their families, personal lives, and professional future. Scott will carefully explain the charges that you are facing and the most substantial consequences that could result from a conviction. Scott will keep you informed of all developments in your matter from beginning to end.

While your case is winding through the criminal justice system, Passaic County Criminal Defense Lawyer Scott Gorman will give your case the attention that it deserves, regardless of the severity of the charges against you. He will work with you to develop an effective strategy that reflects your individual needs after discussing the potential risks and benefits associated with your various options. To identify the greatest weaknesses in the State’s case against you, Scott will thoroughly review the evidence that the State provides in advance of trial. Scott understands that to you, no case is more important than your own, and he will make every effort to make himself available to answer your questions as soon as possible. Scott prides himself on providing representation that reflects his belief that preparation and persistence are the keys to obtaining the best possible outcome for his clients and that no client should ever have to worry about whether their case is important to their attorney.

Scott has spent the vast majority of his career as an attorney concentrating his practice in the area of criminal defense. After serving as a judicial law clerk for a judge of the Appellate Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey, Scott worked at a nationally recognized and well-respected corporate law firm. Immediately thereafter, Scott began honing his skills as a criminal defense attorney. In an effort to stay current on the latest developments in criminal defense, Scott is an active member of organizations such as the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. His effectiveness as a criminal defense lawyer has been evidenced by his selection multiple times by (201) Magazine as one of Bergen County’s Top Lawyers in the area of criminal defense. In addition, Scott has been selected by SuperLawyers as a Rising Star every year from 2010 to 2014.*

If you or a loved one has been charged with a criminal offense, the time to retain a Passaic County Criminal Defense Lawyer is now and the lawyer to call is Scott Gorman.

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The time to speak with a Passaic County domestic violence attorney is now, if you hope to obtain a domestic violence restraining order or if you have had a temporary domestic violence restraining order issued against you.

In New Jersey, our courts seldom move at a faster pace than they do when deal with allegations of domestic violence. When police officers respond to reports of domestic violence, under New Jersey law, they must arrest any individual believed to have committed an act of domestic violence or have that individual charged criminally when they have probable cause to believe that domestic violence has occurred and this is the case even when nobody claims to be the victim of domestic violence, When an alleged victim seeks a restraining order against the alleged offender, a hearing on that application will most likely take place within days rather than weeks or months. Consequently, whether you are defending a domestic violence allegation or pursuing a domestic violence restraining order, you cannot afford to wait to speak with a Passaic County domestic violence attorney.

There are several significant consequences of having a restraining order issued against you. A final restraining order can impede your ability to communicate with your children and can negatively affect your employment. Also, your name will be entered into the Central Registry for Domestic Violence where it will remain indefinitely if a final restraining order is issued against you. Moreover, a final restraining order would bar you from qualifying for a firearms purchaser card and could result in the forfeiture of any weapons that you already own. In fact, even if you manage to avoid having a final restraining order issued against you, a court could nevertheless order you to forfeit your weapons.

If you are alleged to have violated even a single term of a domestic violence restraining order, you can be charged criminally with contempt. Moreover, a second or subsequent conviction for violating a restraining order carries a mandatory term of imprisonment.

Frequently, the consequences that are associated with a final restraining order are worse than those that follow from a criminal conviction for the underlying act of domestic violence. This is the case even though plaintiffs in applications for domestic violence restraining orders are only required to carry their burden by a preponderance of the evidence. A restraining order will only issue when a judge finds that (1) an underlying act of domestic violence occurred and (2) a restraining order is essential to protect the victim from further abuse. Because the burden of proof at these hearings is different than that which is applied at a criminal trial, a final restraining order can issue even if there is reasonable doubt that the defendant ever committed an act of domestic violence.

Domestic violence lawyer Scott Gorman knows that the stakes are too high at a final restraining order hearing to arrive at court unprepared. For that reason, Scott will devote the necessary time to getting to know you, familiarizing himself with your relationship history, and coming up with the best strategy to obtain a favorable outcome. If you are defending against domestic violence allegations or if you need the protection of a final restraining order, call attorney Scott Gorman today to discuss your case.

Passaic County drug possession attorney Scott Gorman will use his dedication, experience, and skill to minimize or eliminate all together, the penalties you may be facing if you are charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

A drug possession conviction carries many serious penalties that can include incarceration, probation, fines, and mandatory surcharges. Scott is a Passaic County drug possession attorney who has helped hundreds of people who were charged with drug related crimes in New Jersey to obtain favorable outcomes. He will work vigorously on your behalf to defend you.

Scott Gorman will carefully review your case to determine which defenses would be the most effective to pursue. For example, both the federal and New Jersey constitutions protect citizens against unreasonable searches and seizures. If the police obtained evidence as a result of an unlawful search or seizure, the evidence would likely be suppressed, meaning that the State would not be able to use that evidence at trial. In many instances, suppression of evidence will result in an acquittal, because without the evidence, the State will be unable to prove a defendant’s guilt.

In some cases, the State may be unable to prove that the defendant actually possessed drugs. The State often operates on a theory that the defendant possessed drugs even though the defendant did not have physical control over the drugs at issue. Defendants can be found guilty of possession of drugs if they constructively possessed drugs, meaning that the defendants were aware of the presence of the drugs and had both the intent and the ability to exercise physical control or dominion over the drugs at some point. If the State seeks to prove constructive possession of drugs, a skilled attorney may be able to raise reasonable doubt as to whether the defendant was able to exercise control over the drugs.

In other situations, a lawyer may be able to prevent the State from establishing that the defendant knew that he possessed drugs. For example, the Supreme Court of New Jersey has held that even if a defendant knows that he is in possession of contraband, if he did not know that he possessed drugs, the defendant cannot properly be convicted of possession of a controlled dangerous substance. Drug possession attorney Scott Gorman will carefully review the evidence that the State intends to use to prove the case against you and he will use his training and experience to assess the weaknesses of the State’s case and devise an effective defense strategy.

If you or someone you love is charged with a drug crime in Passaic County, call drug possession attorney Scott Gorman right away to schedule an initial consultation. Scott will discuss your case, the potential defenses that may be raised, and the consequences that could flow from a conviction. Let Scott Gorman begin the process of aggressively defending you to give yourself the best chance at avoiding the substantial and long-lasting consequences that can come from a drug conviction.

If you have been charged with DWI, it’s important to have a Passaic County DUI attorney develop and execute an effective strategy unique to your situation.

To give yourself a fighting chance to avoid a DWI conviction and the penalties that come with such a conviction, you need a skilled Passaic County DUI attorney on your side. Scott Gorman has helped hundreds of people who have been charged with driving under the influence and his commitment to providing the most effective representation to his clients makes him the right choice to defend you.

You deserve an attorney who will develop and execute a strategy that reflects the particular facts of your case and your unique situation. Attorney Scott Gorman will take the time to meet with you to learn the specific facts of your DUI case, understand your particular circumstances, and formulate a plan to give you the best chance of a favorable resolution. Every drunk driving case is different and to have the best chance at avoiding a conviction, you need an attorney with the willingness to devote the necessary time to your case, the skill to effectively advocate on your behalf, and the determination to stop at nothing to win your case. Scott Gorman is just that type of defender.

Identifying the best defenses in your case requires attention to detail and an understanding of the applicable law in Passaic County. In some cases, the State may have difficulty proving that the defendant operated a motor vehicle at all. Even if it is clear that the defendant operated a motor vehicle, there may be reasonable doubt as to whether the defendant was intoxicated at the time the motor vehicle was operated. In most DUI cases, the State will seek to prove the intoxication of the defendant based upon evidence relating to field sobriety tests or analyses of breath, blood or urine samples. Attorney Scott Gorman has received extensive training to challenge the reliability of the State’s proofs. He will carefully review your case to identify and highlight the weaknesses in the State’s case and to determine the best angles to attack that case.

Scott’s dedication to providing the most powerful defense in drunk driving cases is evidenced by his membership in organizations such as the National College for DUI Defense, Inc, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Passaic County attorney Scott Gorman has been representing defendants charged with DUI even before New Jersey began its use of the Alcotest and he has successfully defended those at trial and on appeal. Scott stays abreast of the latest developments in drunk driving law and he has even lectured other attorneys on how to most effectively defend those charged with DWI. Having lawyer Scott Gorman in your corner means that your case will get the personal attention that it deserves and you will have an aggressive, tireless, and skilled advocate working for you.

Passaic County expungement lawyer Scott Gorman can enable you put your criminal past behind you so that you can get the fresh start that you deserve.

In many cases, an expungement can help you to conceal information relating to an arrest, even if the arrest resulted in a criminal conviction. If you meet the eligibility requirements, Passaic County expungement attorney Scott Gorman can help you obtain a court order that would enable you to deny that an arrest, criminal proceedings, or a conviction ever took place. In fact, when records relating to an arrest have been expunged, a person can be convicted of a disorderly persons offense for disclosing information relating to the expunged records if that person was aware of the expungement.

If you are living with a criminal record, you may wonder who is aware of your conviction. The uncertainty may be the source of extreme anxiety and embarrassment. Worse still, your criminal record can stand in the way of your getting a job or obtaining a professional license. A criminal record can prevent you from being accepted into a school. Also, you may even be denied a loan as a result of your criminal record. An experienced expungement attorney can help relieve that anxiety and embarrassment.

Most criminal convictions can be expunged ten years after the later of (1) termination of probation or parole, (2) release from incarceration or (3) payment of all fines. However, to have arrest records expunged, petitioners must demonstrate that they are not otherwise disqualified from obtaining the expungement. For example, a criminal conviction will not be expunged if it touched upon the petitioner’s holding of a public office or public employment. In addition, a single prior or subsequent criminal conviction will prevent a person from obtaining an expungement of a criminal conviction. Two or more disorderly persons or petty disorderly persons adjudications will also prevent a person from being eligible to expunge a criminal conviction.

The purpose of the statutory scheme regarding expungements is to assist certain individuals in putting their past transgressions behind them when they can demonstrate that they have been rehabilitated and that they are not perpetual offenders. In furtherance of this policy, in 2010, the New Jersey Legislature enacted an exception to the expungement requirements to allow for the expungement of criminal convictions prior to the ten-year period referenced above when granting an expungement would be in the public’s interest. To obtain an expungement pursuant to this “public interest” exception, a petitioner must prove that at least five years have elapsed since the later of the petitioner’s completion of probation or parole, release from incarceration, or payment of fines and that the petitioner has not been convicted of any crimes, disorderly persons offenses or petty disorderly persons offenses in the interim. Next, the petitioner must show that the expungement would be in the public interest, taking into consideration the nature of the offense and the petitioner’s character and conduct since the conviction.

Don’t let a prior conviction unnecessarily stand in your way. Call Passaic County expungement attorney Scott Gorman today to discuss how you can obtain a second chance.

Has your child been charged with a crime? You need highly qualified Passaic County juvenile defense attorney Scott Gorman on your side.

Before he was a Passaic County juvenile defense attorney, Scott worked with children as a residential counselor at a treatment facility for at-risk adolescents. While there, he helped young people who were struggling with severe emotional and behavioral problems. Many of the children that he counseled had already become exposed to the juvenile justice system. Scott’s strong desire to improve the lives of children led him to become a case manager at a not-for-profit agency in Philadelphia where he coordinated services for socially or emotionally disturbed children. Scott consulted with therapists, school personnel, and mental health professionals to ensure the progress of children. As a student at Cornell University, Scott worked with elementary school children in after-school programs at two public schools. In his hometown of Roselle, New Jersey, he volunteered his time as a referee and coach for a local youth basketball and baseball league.

Attorney Scott Gorman understands the extreme anxiety one endures when having a child or other young loved one who has been charged with a juvenile offense. Most juveniles are prosecuted in a manner that places greater emphasis on rehabilitation than punishment. There are, however, some occasions where a juvenile charge can result in serious consequences. In New Jersey, juveniles who are accused of committing crimes are processed in a manner that is much less formal and adversarial than the process for adults. When a juvenile commits a crime, the juvenile is typically adjudicated delinquent. An adjudication of delinquency can result in serious consequences. After a juvenile has been adjudicated delinquent, a dispositional hearing will follow, during which a judge can sentence a juvenile to placement at a juvenile detention center, counseling, probation, fines, and restitution. In addition, some juveniles, particularly those who have had brushes with the law before, may have their matters transferred to a criminal court where they will be prosecuted as adults and exposed to the same penalties as adult defendants.

Fortunately, juveniles enjoy most of the same constitutional rights as their adult counterparts. For example, like adults, juveniles must be placed on notice of the charges against them, they must be given the opportunity to confront and cross-examine witnesses, they possess the right to be represented by legal counsel, and they are protected against against self-incrimination. In contrast, though, in family court, juveniles are not entitled to bail, an indictment, or a jury trial.

If your child or a loved one is charged as a juvenile, call juvenile defense attorney Scott Gorman today. For many years, Scott has assisted Passaic County juveniles to avoid adjudications of delinquency and the significant penalties that can result from them. Scott will take the time to get to know your loved one to understand his or her specific needs. Armed with this information, Scott will develop a strategy to maximize the likelihood of a favorable resolution. Scott possesses the talent, experience, and skill to aggressively defend your child or loved one.

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