Passaic County Criminal Defense Attorney for DUI and Other New Jersey Arrests

Have you been charged with a crime or driving under the influence (DUI) in Passaic County? If so, you need to understand what is at risk in your case. While a conviction could mean fines and jail time, it could also mean much, much more. Having a criminal conviction on you record can impact all aspects of your life; and, even if you avoid jail time, you could find yourself living with the consequences of your conviction on a daily basis. In order to protect yourself, you need a Passaic country criminal defense attorney who understands what it means to be convicted, and who is prepared to do whatever it takes to preserve your future.

Scott Gorman is a criminal and DUI defense attorney who has been fighting for clients in Passaic County for more than a decade. He is a vigorous advocate and vigilant defender who demonstrates an unwavering commitment to his clients. If you have been charged with a crime or DUI, attorney Scott Gorman can help you, and your first step is simply to schedule a free initial consultation.

An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Clients in Passaic County

Regardless of why you are facing prosecution in Passaic County, you need to take your situation very seriously. Attorney Scott Gorman can help you understand the penalties you are facing and the defenses you have available, and he will fight to make sure you do not face unnecessary consequences. Schedule a free initial consultation today at The Gorman Law Firm to discuss your case involving:

Passaic County Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Scott Gorman represents clients charged with all types of indictable crimes and disorderly persons offenses under New Jersey law. This includes crimes ranging from petty disorderly persons offenses (which carry up to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine) to first-degree indictable crimes (which carry 10 years to life in prison and up to a $200,000 fine).

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases present a number of unique legal and practical concerns. Regardless of the circumstances involved, you should not assume you are guilty, as the law is complicated and false allegations are common.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes involving marijuana, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine and prescription pills carry severe penalties in New Jersey. Attorney Scott Gorman defends clients charged with cultivation, manufacturing, trafficking, possession with intent to distribute, and other drug-related offenses.


If you have a conviction on your record, filing for expungement can truly change your life. Contact us today to find out if your conviction is eligible to be expunged.

Juvenile Defense

In addition to representing adults charged with DUI and facing charges in criminal court, attorney Scott Gorman also has extensive experience in the area of juvenile defense.

Passaic County DUI Attorney

As a Passaic County DUI attorney, Scott Gorman routinely represents individuals who have been accused of drinking and driving. While driving under the influence can lead to a variety of serious consequences, there are also numerous potential defenses available.

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Do not let a criminal conviction ruin your life. To find out what Passaic County criminal defense attorney Scott Gorman can do to protect you, call our Hackensack office at 201-489-9199 or our Morristown office at 973-796-3800 for a free initial consultation.

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