What Can Happen if You Don’t Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney
Posted by Scott Gorman - April 16, 2021

If you are facing a criminal charge in New Jersey and you are thinking about trying to defend yourself in court, you need to read this article first. Trying to defend yourself is extremely risky—and this is true whether you have been charged with a disorderly persons offense or a first-degree indictable crime. A conviction will impact all aspects of your life. Without the advice of an experienced Essex County criminal defense attorney, you won’t know whether you are making the right decisions to keep yourself out of jail or you are increasing your chances of conviction.

5 Consequences of Not Hiring an Essex County Criminal Defense Attorney

Here are five things that can go very wrong if you don’t hire an attorney to handle your criminal case in Essex County, NJ:

1. You Won’t Know What to Say in Court

What plea should you enter during your arraignment? Should you request a jury trial? What else can (and should) you say to the judge? Generally speaking, once you say something in court, you cannot take it back. Likewise, if you fail to speak up and assert your legal rights, you could lose the ability to do so.

2. You Won’t Know What Defenses You Can Assert

Did the police conduct an unlawful search or seizure in violation of the Fourth Amendment? Did they violate your Fifth Amendment rights? Did you actually commit a crime? While there are numerous possible defenses to criminal charges in Essex County, it is up to you to determine defenses you can assert in court.

3. You Won’t Take Advantage of Other Opportunities to Avoid a Conviction

In addition to asserting defenses in court, there are other ways you may be able to avoid a conviction. Are you eligible for one of New Jersey’s diversionary programs? Do you have grounds to seek a dismissal before trial? When you are at risk for fines, jail time and other consequences, you need to take advantage of every possible opportunity to protect yourself.

4. You Won’t Know How or When to Challenge the Prosecution’s Case

Without an Essex county criminal defense attorney representing you, you won’t know how or when to challenge the prosecution’s case. Is the prosecution’s evidence inadmissible in court? Is it insufficient to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt? Even if you committed a crime, you are entitled to walk free if the prosecution can’t prove it.

5. You Won’t Stand a Chance of Avoiding a Conviction

While there is a possibility that you will get lucky, the reality is that without an attorney, you stand almost no chance of avoiding a conviction. New Jersey’s criminal justice system favors the prosecution in many ways, and you need an experienced attorney to level the playing field.

Discuss Your Case with Essex County Criminal Defense Attorney Scott Gorman

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